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Utah Eviction Services
Utah Eviction Services, LLC is the one-stop shop for all your eviction needs. Based out of Salt Lake City, Our services are designed to provide Utah landlords, apartment complex managers and property managers with fast and professional eviction services. We are here to protect your legal rights. In order to ensure your satisfaction with our services, we offer a money back guarantee if we are unsuccessful in evicting your tenant.

Who We Are:

At Utah Eviction Services we are a team of experienced eviction attorneys making it our goal to make this eviction process easier for you by providing convenient, efficient eviction services at a great price and to do so as quickly as the law allows .

Our Process:

To better serve you, Utah Evictions Services offers the option of handling the entire process online. Our website allows you to quickly and conveniently initiate your eviction, upload supporting documents, make payment using a credit/debit card, and communicate directly with your attorney. Through the Utah Eviction Services website you can provide us with all the information necessary to complete your eviction and to check the status of each eviction at any time. If you prefer to speak with us in person our offices are conveniently located in downtown SLC. Please call (801) 999-UES9(8379) to schedule an appointment. (Consultation fee may apply) Once we obtain all the necessary information, one of our attorneys will skillfully complete your eviction. We offer flat rate eviction services so that there are no surprise costs for you (see our Pricing).

Mission Statement

At Utah Eviction Services it is our mission to make the eviction process as fast and hassle-free as possible. We understand that by the time you make the decision to evict a tenant you have exhausted other collection efforts, you are tired of broken promises and compromises, and you need your property vacated and available to another paying tenant as soon as possible. Our goal is to make that happen for you by expediting the process to the greatest extent possible under the law and by advocating on your behalf before the court.

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